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Let's pretend this is God's to-do list {{PD}} via Wikimedia Commons

Or we could say ‘Universal Mandate,’ like it’s health care (!) but whatever we call it, it may underlie more transitory aspects and add a feeling both fated and stressful–a perfect combination if we’re sailing along, unconscious, to make us act out in some pretty primal, down ‘n dirty ways–so watch for this, as you’re likely to encounter it at least once or twice along the way (I know you, gentle reader, aren’t acting unconsciously–you wouldn’t be here if you were!) The Finger of God of which we speak can be used by the aware to channel reactionary energies into constructive action. Apex Saturn with a base of Mercury conjunct Venus sextile Chiron speaks to actualizing values and some of our most unique and personal talents in service of accomplishment, particularly accomplishment that involves aesthetics and/ or partnership/ relationships. It all may feel precipitous, like we’re just starting out (the 00 placements of Saturn and Mercury) and the wound may compete with those already mentioned talents for use of the energy (Chiron at 29 degrees) but it’s our job to funnel the energies in useful ways–and we can get started, just as soon as the Moon enters Sagittarius (9:52 AM PDT).

We’ve discussed the Moon’s immediate reaction upon changing signs in yesterday’s entry; after that, the day is dominated by the Finger and a couple of other aspects: Venus trine Ceres, and the Earth conjunct Zeus. The former contact brings power to all things Venusian, making us able to achieve in Art, in expressing values, and in expressing love, but here’s where we also must take care, as Ceres can urge us to intrude on the province of others (see my in-depth article in the upcoming spring issue of ‘ECLIPSE’). The latter contact, of Earth and Zeus, simply magnifies material concerns and the materialization of the products of Will and ambition–so expect a big push forward, especially from those who are instituting ‘Big Plans.’ This suggests that any who are acting unconsciously may actually be a bit dangerous, as their need to make their own wants and goals happen may override every other consideration–just make sure you aren’t one of them!

Get your April forecast, and lots of other astro info, with a focus on the asteroid Zeus and a useful guide to House interceptions, here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/eclipse-in-depth-astrology-for-the-21st-century/ Read an excerpt from the upcoming Spring issue here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/

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And have a great day!