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After a spontaneous two day vacation, I’m back–and what catches my eye? You may be disappointed, as I’m seeing something ‘flavor’ the day that I normally wouldn’t count: a Yod made of an exact Ceres/ Mars quincunx, with Ceres sextile (but to a degree that would usually be about two degrees outside my FOG standard) to Chiron at stressful 29 degrees of Aquarius. Between the anaretic degree for our favorite centaur and the exactitude of the other quincunx I think we have some latitude here–so what does it say?

A wonderful painting of Ceres 'putting her foot down'--this is the lead image in my Ceres article featured in the Spring issue of 'Eclipse' Michele Pannonio 1450 {{PD-Art}}

It tells us the action urge is strong, and that we are feeling the authority, the right, to carry out our Will–but that we must be extremely careful that what we choose to act on is not propelled by the primal wound (and we can find a million ways to rationalize and justify acting that hurt out, if we are not scrupulously honest); instead we must make sure that we utilize our most unique skill, that higher expression of Chiron that can be hard to pinpoint, but the spirit of which must nevertheless permeate our chosen activities today. The Moon in Capricorn has just passed over that soon-to-be perfect conjunction of Pluto and Ceres, and the recent exposure of the unconscious to these two energies will make intuiting our way through the challenge of perpetrating ‘right action’ all the easier.

Also of note: Mercury conjunct Venus, both square Mars, suggests that rational thought, reasoning, relationships, and values may all gang-up and conflict with what we want–and their trine to Ceres says those energies will also feel they have the authority to nix action. This points even more strongly toward the Moon in Cap intuition as the necessary guide to today’s activities.

And have a great one!

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