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The Moon moves through the latter half of Capricorn today and more subtle energies come forward–and that means influences may surface in behavior before we even know they’re there. Right now the Moon’s sextile to Jupiter makes the future seem expansive; we can’t, for the moment, imagine any obstacles that could slow us down, but by around noon Pacific time they start to appear: a quincunx to Vesta and trine to Sedna that brings a need to adjust our actions (or at least our emotional reactions) to our values–the problem is we either won’t know how to do this or won’t see the need to in the first place. This combo makes for distressed feelings around core priorities or a sense of ‘flying blind’ that can be disorienting or may give a feeling of invulnerability–the old ‘if I don’t know about difficulties they can’t hurt me’ routine.

The trick is to pay attention to what we perceive around 10 AM PDT. This is when the Moon sextiles Pallas and gives us a dose of emotional wisdom. Whatever we’re seeing as smart at this point should be followed through on, with subsequent urges for change best left until the judgment clears once again. By 3:30 PM the Moon is trine Juno and we’re back in wisdom territory, at least in terms of being able to discern what will empower us; if we’re considering making a move in the relationship arena, though, think twice, as Juno can get all judgy and vindictive when it’s not in her own best interests. Look for avenues of personal empowerment expression that don’t involve the mate or those of whom you might be a touch envious or jealous, and put your energy there.

Pluto retrogrades this evening Pacific time; effects won’t be immediate, more like the brakes being applied to a train–you can travel a long way in the same direction before you come to a halt. Wherever it’s sitting right now in your chart, it may feel a little like a wee bit of heart attack pressure, as Pluto stations and, it seems, presses down–but this will be something you’ve lived with for a while now, there just may be more of an awareness of it, along with a more active desire to get out from under it, as Pluto goes retrograde.

By 11 PM PDT the Moon helps Uranus sandwich Neptune, with the sextile between the Cappy Moon and Uranus delivering a surprise or jolt straight out of dreams, delusions, or fantasies (I’d love for you to share how this might manifest for you, if you’re so inclined). The Moon’s Void begins at 1:20 AM PDT; Moon enters Aquarius on the 7th at 5:50 AM PDT. The Moon immediately trines Saturn; less than an hour after the Moon’s entry into Aquarius Saturn will retreat to 00 Libra 00, and we will all feel it. How, you ask? It may come in a ‘frontier’ feeling, a newness or rawness that imparts a temporary feeling that there are no rules, particularly in how we relate to each other (Libra). I’ll be watching this closely, as I sense there’ll be some Saturnian surprises in this, perhaps with boundaries lifted or structures or organizations we’ve counted on in the past for the moment unreliable. Again, would love to hear how this shows for you.

By the time the Moon opposes Mars in Leo (about 2 PM PDT) we may be just about ready to burst. The desire to do something about recent perceptions will be mighty–just make sure you’re keeping what came forward from that dose of wisdom in mind.

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