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So, I had a post I was ready to write, but really don’t want to devote so much time to it, even though I’m seeing and hearing about it from many, so here’s a summary: if you’re giving something away, really give it away; if you start feeling resentful or have expectations that something specific will come back to you from the giftee (or worse, that it should come back to you, because they should be grateful) then this was not a gift at all, it was a demand. Saturn is giving many hell right now (remember those people who insisted on saying, “Heaven-o” when they answered the phone? No reasonable person should take it that literally–would it have helped for them to know that ‘hell’ means ‘light’ in many Germanic languages? Probably not) and, still involved with Pluto, brings forward some strong Saturnian needs, which often include expectations we have of others, especially when we’re not getting our material reality needs met–Pluto digs up our deep fears, our power needs, our trepidation over our own possible destruction, that we might ‘poof’ disappear entirely, and applies it to our reality (Saturn)–and so there’s a tendency to demand from others proof that what we’ve done is worthy, that we are not pouring our energy into an abyss, that we will not dwindle away to nothingness, that we are significant. One of the most basic lessons of the Universe is that we should not necessarily expect our flow to come out of the same pot we’ve contributed to; remembering that, plus being truly honest about our expectations, having no ulterior motive in interaction (as this contaminates the result; it means that even if we get what we want, it will not satisfy the need), will serve us well as the square bedevils us for some time. (And with Saturn going direct in less than 2 months, and Ceres cozying up to Pluto as we speak, we can expect an even greater crisis–or is that circus?–surrounding power and authority issues as they affect our status, place, and our reality.)

Bedeviled, of course. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons {{PD-Art}}


This morning my husband, ready to leave, said, “Is it going to rain today?” Cue hail! Big thick sheets of ice stone, chattering on the pavement and bombarding the garden; but now, after twenty minutes or so of downpour, it’s becoming incredibly beautiful out. The sky has cleared and lightened to a pale, pearly blue, the cedars are bejewelled with beads of water, and there are robins everywhere. Could I ask for a better harbinger? No, and neither could you; each of us is a translator for the Universe, and we do each other the service of seeing, speaking, interpreting–and what I’m seeing is a clearing of skies, a resolution to pressures and goals, that has a much better outcome than we’d previously anticipated. Relax–it requires nothing more of us than to be. 

There are only a few things I want to mention: about midnight PDT on the 8th the Moon will oppose Vesta with a T-arm of Sedna=we may quite literally at this point forget what’s most important to us, and the Aquarian Moon will be very accommodating, offering rationalizations that make our abandonment of values seem oh-so-reasonable–obviously, this will not serve our best interests; and by 8 AM PDT on the 9th Neptune will sit at the midpoint of a tight little Aquarian config with the Moon and Chiron on either side=a very tricky point in the day, all dependent on your relationship to Chiron and Neptune–those laboring under delusions, or nurturing fantasies, will suffer mightily, while those guided by ideals and seeking to use unique skills will get a huge emotional boost–try to be in the latter category. 

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And have a great one!