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Calder's 'Flamingo' Chicago photo by John Picken cc2.0

We ought to become as conscious of our thoughts and sensibilities as possible over the weekend and through next week, as those energies will to some extent move into our Collective blind spot when Venus meets Sedna (in orb by the 16th) and Mercury turns around (9:06 PM PDT on the 18th at 12 Taurus 34). Just something to keep in mind as we go through the next few days, the aspects of which suggest to me a lessening of the tension that’s been rampant for a while now–this could free up a little of that mind power that’s been consumed with whatever’s been stressing us.

By 1 PM PDT this afternoon (the 9th) we see the Aquarius Moon go through the gauntlet of conjunction to Neptune and then Chiron, and at meeting the latter the Moon will also quincunx Saturn retrograde in Virgo, and these last bits happen at 29 degrees; a last hurrah of confusion, upset, tension, even deceit—-so by my reckoning, making for a very short Void, lasting from 6:29 PM PDT to the Moon’s entry into Pisces at 6:48 PM. Yes, this differs from some calculations of the Void–it all depends on whether you count quincunxes as major aspects (I do–those who use strict Ptolemaic aspects, such as most horary astrologers, don’t) and there’s also the matter of whether one uses the asteroids, and which ones–so it’s basically a free-for-all, take your pick!

The majority of aspects the Moon makes while in Pisces are easy ones (or at least, moderate in their impact). Highlights include a quincunx to Mars at around 4 AM PDT on the 10th–prior to this, change and exercise of authority flow smoothly, but the Mars aspect requires we adjust our own, or to, egos and assertive urges. This need to adjust to assertions and ambitions, our own and others’, continues through to about 8:30 AM on the 11th, when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter-this should bring good feeling all around, the only real danger being that this goodwill could be based on delusion or a lack of facts–so at worst, a source of mix-up or embarrassment–but for those attuned to Neptune, a wonderful influence.

By the time the Moon hits Uranus about 2 AM PDT on the 12th, any shocks or surprises will be ephemeral, or illusory, accessed through dreams or imagination, a ‘what if’ scenario. All in all, the weekend influence will be mostly one that brings a tiny vacation of sorts, a holiday from whatever’s been bothering you.

I’m hitting the Calder exhibit at the SAM tomorrow–maybe I’ll see you there?

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