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At 2:59 AM PDT on the 2nd the Moon enters Capricorn, and immediately sextiles Chiron. Sextile is a soft word, an ‘easy’ aspect, so shouldn’t we see this as positive? Well, maybe; it brings emotional illumination to the Chiron concept. A transiting energy is the pure form of the energy; unlike our natal Chiron vibe, the one the Moon ignites is Archetypal, meaning we will feel that Archetypal vibe enlivened within us, and unless this Moon or Chiron is aspecting something in our natal chart at the time they form aspect, we will experience it largely as a general Chiron energy of either hurt or healing. Illumination with a Moon aspect comes by the unique mechanism of reflection, meaning that what’s ‘lit up’ shines by what comes from a third party or source, and this implies that emotions and/ or intuition ‘get the shine’ from something else, but feel Chiron in response. This is true of all transiting Moon aspects, but it’s important to point out right now as we should know that the hurt or healing isn’t coming from the perceived (third party) source, but from within, from our own concept of Chiron that we carry ourselves. We can get a little glimpse of what Chiron means to us, a look at how we process the Chirotic challenges and energy, and it may give some insight on our natal Chiron situation, if we can separate Chiron from the emotional source.

Around 10:30 AM PDT the Moon conjuncts Ceres in Capricorn–this can be a point when we feel a strong entitlement to express our authority in a situation, but it can also be that we feel a right to exceed our normal boundaries. The urge to power and the desire to communicate it becomes even stronger as the Moon quickly follows with a conjunction to Pluto and a trine to Mercury. Likely subjects center on the material world; things and their disposition seem vital. Determining that you’re not the source for others discipline or authority is key. Try to ride this influence out by not taking circumstances, and especially yourself, too seriously, and definitely consider pulling back if you find yourself giving orders or critiquing another’s choice.

The taste of Chiron, Ceres, Pluto, and Merc drawn out by the Moon lasts all day (Pacific time), even when the aspects are past. Sometimes it seems aspect effects echo well beyond their time, usually when nothing else comes along to fill in with a new energy, and this is one of them, at least as far as our Moon responses are concerned. It isn’t until the 8-9 PM hour PDT that the Moon gets out of her rut, with quincunxes to Juno and Venus in Gemini. Here the idea is to adjust the emotional landscape to accommodate a genuine period of ‘woman power,’ your own or another’s. The Capricorn Moon may at first resist giving it up for the ladies, but she can be talked (or thought) into it (Gemini)!

By 2 AM PDT on the 3rd the mood breaks as the Moon trines the Sun and squares Zeus. The emotions shine out, and bring conflict with the ambitions and Will of others. Just conduct yourself so that it isn’t payback for earlier in the day!

3:30-ish AM on the 3rd the Moon conjuncts the North Node, quincunxes Mars, and sextiles Pallas. If you’re awake (no matter where on the globe you are!) you’ll see quite clearly where you’re headed, and you can easily muster energy to modify course and to do it wisely. This lasts through the day of the 3rd Pacific time, so enjoy it!

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The pic is ‘The Mirror of Venus’  Edward Burne-Jones 1875 {{PD-Art}} Wikimedia Commons