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Bromidi 1865 While Neptune drives, Venus helps lay the transatlantic cable, which could be a euphemism for what she's doing now with Zeus

The trine that will be in place between Venus and Zeus through the 6th of May is a good place to start today. Both are in Air, and both have a big stake in coming across well to the opposite sex (or to the sex in which they’re interested!) Venus, of course, is anima oriented, and Zeus is animus aligned, and this means that the way one will approach this aspect interaction will be keyed to one’s own primary viewpoint. Now, what does it promise?

A trine is ‘easy,’ meaning the two energies will co-operate without any effort; in this case, the woman, beauty, assets, earnings, what’s of worth, envy, jealousy, greed, luxuries, what’s reproductively oriented, the cost of what we want, will be caught up with the man, the ambitions, the Will, the lust, the desire, the wound of the ‘lost’ father, what one wants without regard to cost, and this interaction could be the start of any number of ‘new’ concepts, ideas, mental outlooks, relationships, or other connections (Air, networker Gemini + partnership/ relationship Libra).

I guess I’m saying: watch out what gets going, starting about two days ago, right through the 6th, as the spark of contact may create something larger than the two parts from which it begins. We could see a lot of babies conceived, passionate acts perpetrated, lusts exposed, and episodes of falling in love, with any variety of person, thing, or goal. Earth and Pallas are exactly conjunct; if we can stay tuned to the material reality, aware of the actual circumstances of our lives, we won’t be swept into something inextricable by the romance (Venus) and lust (Zeus) of the influencing aspect. Uranus is in the 29th degree of Pisces, pushing us in the most nebulous way to express our most unique qualities, and the pressure to act up, show off, or make a splash will squeeze the subconscious and perhaps propel us forward when at another time we might be content to sit back and let events take their course without such strenuous, even desperate, input.

 This is one of the most important influences imo for the coming few days, and each of us should consider how this influence might work itself into our lives. Be prepared: we could be setting up a situation where we receive rewards for going after what we want, where we create something new and bigger than the current elements might imply on their own, where the cost for our ambitions or lusts is not taken into account, and/ or where we change irrevocably our relationship to something or someone else, and the influence of what happens right now could stretch far into the future. Good luck everyone!

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