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UPDATE: In visiting my page this morning, I realize that WordPress managed to drop at least two paragraphs between me pressing the publish button and it appearing on the page. My apologies, as it reads like nonsense at this point! I’m going to add some material that fills in what I meant. jd–Okay, I hope what I’ve added fills in the missing gaps. This isn’t the first time paragraphs have disappeared, but I don’t really know what to do about it. jd

I don’t have much to say about our lovely Aquarius Moon, as most of the aspects it makes for a while will be mildly pleasant ones, at best, and our reactions and thought processes will clip along in Higher Mind, Water Bearer-fashion, essentially continuing the rather thin-feeling atmosphere that exists right now–I say thin as people still seem a little discombobulated from yesterday’s wallop (seems to have left us all reeling with draining and yet mostly unexplainable experiences), and the thinness of the air is like being at very high altitude; we’re talking, smiling, going about our business, and yet immensely distracted, ready to retreat to sleep or giddiness at any moment. Such is the Aquarian Moon tendency to encourage retreat (or perhaps better said as rebellion from day-to-day realities) when we are feeling stressed, or just sense the elements of life pressing too close.

A Grand Cross is formed starting around 4:30 PM PDT today, the 5th, with the Sun/ Earth (+ Pallas) axis, the Moon, and Mars in Leo. This suggests the emotions will contradict (or maybe even light up and get going) the action urge–no matter which, we’ll see that our feelings and ego aims will not serve our intended direction. Should just generally make each of us feel at odds with our efforts, as if the timing is off, or as if we’re missing a piece we need to successfully go forward (and that’s probably Merc retro). All we can do is try to minimize the internal (and possibly external) discord by making sure our emotions are aboveboard and aligned with our goals.

1782 JE Bode Wassermann/ The Water Bearer

The Cross lasts through about 10:30 PM PDT. The only other aspect that draws my attention is the exact quincunx at this point of Vesta and Jupiter, with the Moon opposing Vesta starting around 2 PM PDT on the 6th. This suggests the slower aspect (Vesta/ Jupiter) provides some ongoing need for adjustment between the social arena and the things we hold most vital (and this can mean we need to adjust our own ideas of what’s sacred–for instance, not treating our own words and thoughts as inviolable, as this may go beyond Self-respect to completely unreasonable). The Moon comes along and adds emotions and intuition, perhaps in the form of resistance (the opposition) to the need to modify what we believe is above modification. This generally sounds like we’ll all be asked, one way or another, to consider that something we treat with kidd gloves needs to be reevaluated–whatever it is, it’s received a position on our personal altar–and it doesn’t belong there!

There’s a coming conjunction of the transiting Sun to Sedna, window imo starting the 6th and lasting through about the 15th, and this includes the period of the New Moon. If we can’t see the light, well, how do we know what’s what? Mostly, we don’t; this says expect a period wherein our very reason for being may be elusive. The remedy is to stick to what you’ve formulated prior to this, to what you know yourself to be when not under this influence, and continue–it’s not a time for deep Self-questioning. More Forecast available below with ECLIPSE. (This is a wider time span than I gave the transit in the mag, but I’m now feeling that it’s much more noteworthy than I first thought).

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Today’s Link: an excellent examination of the underappreciated 6th House and the effect of its ruler placement http://astrofix.net/post/571677262/ruler-of-the-6th-house-in-houses

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