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The New Moon occurs at 4:14 AM PDT June 12th at 21 Gemini 23. Using our strict two degree rule, the Sun/ Earth axis of the Gemini New Moon makes a couple of minor aspects–but as we know, these are telling of the meaning picture we can expect for the coming Lunar month. First let’s look at the Sabian symbol for this New Moon: ‘Dancing Couples in a Harvest Festival’ http://www.cafeastrology.com/sabiansymbols_degreemeanings.html Gemini is the place for a twosome, alright, but for twins, related pairs, and the image brings to mind dancing partners, mated pairs, which implies opposites–and that signals we should pay direct attention to both what the Sun/ Moon aspects and what this pair’s opposite, the Earth, touches by aspect (normally we would concentrate New Moon attention on the conjunction and its aspects only).

The aspects directly involved with the New Moon picture are these: the Sun/ Moon forms a Fist of God here in Seattle with the Midheaven and Pallas. Since the Midheaven differs at any one moment by location, we must take this as specific to the North/ South axis along which a number of high profile enterprises lie, and see it as the possibility of the inception of something very public that involves commerce or guidance in some form, or perhaps an adjustment involving these (the sesquiquadrates)–and if we take guidance to suggest something like a search engine, then perhaps we’re looking at an announcement involving Bing (Microsoft) or Google, the Mountain View, California location of which shares the same Midheaven aspect, or if we emphasize commerce we may see something from Amazon (Seattle) or PayPal, which again shares a MC aspect at its San Jose, California location–or this could involve the major food producing valleys of California, since Pallas is involved with food as a commodity (and Ceres is in her own configuration at this time–see discussion of this, along with a lot more, in ‘What You Won’t See on the Blog’ in ECLIPSE http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-eclipse-spring-2010/).  All these are possibilities that could affect many or all of us in some way, but for all individuals, one leg of the configuration is defnitely in force: the sesquiquadrate of the Sun/ Moon to Pallas.

This Sun/ Moon/ Pallas contact suggests the need over the coming Lunar month to modify or otherwise adjust to what’s wise or, secondarily, what’s necessary to conduct ‘business,’ which in the end is just the exchange of one thing deemed worthy for another–and the New Moon nature implies this may be a ‘first time’ for this accomodation. The Sabian of couples dancing does suggest entities working together, and the fact that the dance (interaction) is at a harvest festival says that this is a celebration, of sorts, where parties enjoy reaping their rewards. So, perhaps this is the beginning of a personal harvest of some kind, one that requires some adjustment, possibly simply of one’s attitude or communications (Gemini Air) but that pays off, nonetheless.

We musn’t forget the Earth in our analysis; it shows a quincunx to Sedna (or ‘Sedan,’ as I keep typing it!). What is it about our material position that we just won’t be able to see? We can look to the Sabians again for assistance: ‘A Chinese Laundry’ Whew! What could that mean? And why a ‘Chinese Laundry’? Do they hold some kind of ancient Chinese secret? 🙂

No–at least, the Chinese haven’t, as a people, shared anything like this with me, but what this suggests is the kind of industrious and needed labor that those newly arrived to a place are prone to take up–and that implies that the new venture, occurence, or life direction we see with the New Moon may necessitate that we humbly supply what’s useful and needed–that we, figuratively or otherwise, be willing to ‘start at the bottom’ in order to succeed–and this may be the thing we don’t see, when examining the New Moon picture.

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