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No, not really–it just seems a little scary because there are a number of tremendous energies converging and shooting their rays at each other and offering themselves to us–if we can only tap in. The 3 AM hour PDT of the 15th brings the Leo Moon to the midpoint of the Mars/ Juno sextile (emotional illumination of the empowering move–we see, or intuit, exactly what to do); the Moon is also square Pallas (conflict between what we know to be wise and what we feel is right) and quincunx Pluto (the emotions may lead us in a destructive direction–adjust away from negative results). All this makes for a confusing time: we know what we can do to empower ourselves, we know what’s smart, but the emotions insist on a different perspective. It can be a rough call, but we really must stick with what’s wise, if we want to go forward with no regrets.

Noonish the Moon sextiles Mercury, allowing some relief as we get it all out. By 3:30 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes the North Node and sextiles Zeus, and perhaps we feel we’ve shared a little too much–innocent words may come back to bite us, via someone else’s ambitious machinations. So maybe the Ides are something to beware of!

The Leo Moon moves on, making no more major contact through the 15th, but there are many configurations active–just two things I want to mention: Grand Cross of Saturn opposed Uranus/ Jupiter–oye! This again–square with Pluto/ Ceres opposed Juno. I’m expecting these energies to perform specifically in response to the 14th’s especially fortuitous and revealing vibe, likely by bringing to consciousness precisely what material changes are possible, and pointing us in the direction of using (or acquiring) the power to do it. And the other thing: Chiron and Mars, still in opposition, may make some hesitate out of fear of hurt–the potential right now is for healing, instead, as long as we remain attuned to the info coming at us.

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