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First thing, let’s talk about the Finger of God made by Venus late in Cancer sextile Saturn, both quincunx Neptune. This prompts some dreaming, and shows us the way to make it happen. Take notes and tuck them away–you’ll go through some emotional revelations for the day that will give you perspective, and by late evening PDT you’ll have a full picture on whether making this dream a reality is really something both feasible and desirable at a personal level.

Venus slips into Leo (1:50 AM PDT) and breathes a sigh of relief; she loves to coddle, nurture those she loves, and relate emotionally–but oh, to be in a sign where Venus can think about herself, that’s heaven! The Cancer Moon trails behind, and the mood may be a little lonely–I was just following love, it was here a minute ago–and the Moon looks around and finds nothing with which to commune. Finally the 7-8 AM hour PDT sees the Moon sextile Sedna, quickly followed by a quincunx to Earth, and our unsureness about how we feel makes us question our circumstances. Rather than being too concerned with the literal situation, we might want to ask ourselves if our material surroundings are really nurturing for us–the answer will be information we can use.

But let’s take a moment for Venus. At 00 she trines the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction and a quincunx to Chiron. Today may light up our Venus opportunities, showing us how and where to expand, bring forward our originality, and perhaps to create a relationship with the group. The reward available to us with the Jupiter/ Uranus meeting may be a combination of matters of the Houses these rule in the natal chart, plus an infusion of energy to the House where Venus is now; the only adjustment we’ll need to make will be taking the time not to hurt ourselves or others, and with some luck, we may be offered a way to actually heal what hurts. Examination of the possibilities ahead of time will help us see them when they show themselves; we’ll know these are important and so put our time and attention to expanding their effect as much as possible.

By the 5 PM hour PDT the Moon makes her final aspects while in Cancer: a Finger of God with a base of Ceres and Neptune. In this instance we could get one of several combinations finding an outlet through the emotions, or that can be dealt with through the intuition: nature may co-operate with imagination to create something moving; negotiation could work it out with ideals and allow emotional expression that may have been stopped up before; the maternal may indulge in fantasy that allows some emotional succor; something along these lines will come forward, then go in an unanticipated direction, as the Moon enters the Void, at 6:40 PM PDT.

The Moon enters Leo at 8:54 PM PDT on the 14th, and immediately conjuncts Venus, trines Uranus/ Jupiter, and quincunxes Chiron. This likely allows the emotional reactions to the day’s Venusian revelations to come forward. We’ll see how we feel about what’s offered, and what needs to change; we’ll understand just how possible that ideal, dream, or fantasy we considered is, and we can take out those notes we took, and go forward.

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