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In Portland, Oregon a little boy, 7-year-old Kyron Horman, walked out of his elementary school’s end-of-year science fair and vanished. Let’s look at the chart for the time he was last seen, June 4th at approximately 8:45 AM. We’re asking, “Where is Kyron?”

I don’t mean to be glib doing this while the case is still so fresh, but the moment I heard his name, I believed there must be something to be learned through a chart of the disappearance. The Ascendant is 27 Cancer 09, just inside the proscription that the matter is already decided–not much room for change, only discovery. Kyron is represented by the 7th, which is empty and ruled by Saturn–and this matches at least a part of his personality, as he’s been described as a shy, quiet boy. Saturn is in the 3rd at 27 Virgo 51, suggesting that he’s local, close to where he was last seen, though if we renumber the Houses according to Kyron’s point-of-view, the 7th becomes the 1st, and the 3rd is the 9th, perhaps suggesting he is still on the grounds of the school, though it’s possible he’s actually far away, a victim of abduction (9th). The Moon, though, is in Kyron’s renumbered 3rd, bringing us back to the local, and the school, and it’s in obscuring Pisces.

His significator is in Virgo, the element suggesting that he is near the Earth, possibly on the floor, basement, or even underground, and Virgo itself suggests he may be hidden in an enclosure (a closet, trunk, or drawer) or in the library or near or behind bookcases or the offices, or the storage area of the kitchens–or in a tended garden area on the grounds, while the renumbered 3rd has a Pisces cusp, suggesting a damp area, or even underwater–a pond, behind pipes, near water heaters–but that’s not exactly tell-tale in Oregon. But in going back to the prominence of the 3rd, both in the original chart and in the renumbered chart, we must consider that he could’ve been removed from the scene in a car–and who knows, perhaps returned later.

Mercury is dispositor of Saturn, and it only makes two aspects, one an applying trine to Saturn, and one an applying conjunction to Sedna, perhaps suggesting he’s immediately ‘in the blind spot,’ but will eventually be found. Also interesting is that the Sun/ Earth axis is touching no bodies–extraordinary considering how many I use–but one, Zeus, and this ‘lit up’ implies the involvement of desire-Will and perhaps sexual aggression–so possibly a crime where opportunity met predation in a particularly unsavory way. We also see that the Vertex, a point of Fate, is, with one minute variation, conjunct the Earth, suggesting Fate, which we can perhaps define as something inevitable, had a controlling hand in this material outcome.

And what of Kyron’s namesake? Can it tell us anything? Chiron was at 00 Pisces 58 stationary on the way to retrograde, in Kyron’s renumbered 2nd. The 2nd is the House of Lost Things–is this simply an indicator that the boy is lost, after all, with no hope of recovery? Stationary might even suggest he’ll never be found. I hope not, I hope I’m wrong; with each hour that passes, though, it becomes less and less likely he’ll be found safe. Chiron was, in the end, a noble creature who, both in order to end his own suffering and to rescue another, gave up his life–I’m afraid the outcome for this case will lack those redeeming features.