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We pick up the Lunar action on the 16th in the 9 AM hour PDT with the Leo Moon’s square to Sedna–we may be sailing along confidently only to be blindsided. It’s not disastrous, but rather disorienting–just don’t let it throw you for the rest of the day.

By 2 PM PDT the Moon is trine Earth and sextile the Sun, helping us find our footing after the morning’s shake-up. The period we wait for, though, occurs in the 7 PM hour PDT, as the Moon trines Ceres, opposes Neptune, and is semi-sextile to Saturn. This can be kind of magical, as we bring our sense of natural authority, backed by the energy of creation itself, to bear on reality. This offers us the chance to make things happen in a way that seems effortless; the sleight-of-hand is illusion, however, as a genuine talent for manifesting based on image or ideal comes forward for those who have disciplined their impulses and have earned the mojo to make it happen. An unlucky few may face the uncovering of a deception, delusion, or the undeniable destruction of a fantasy; the up side for all is a renewed sense of personal power as we become better grounded and perhaps gain a fresh awareness of new-found abilities.

Void begins at 8:24 PM; Moon enters Virgo 10:40 PM PDT. Right away she faces the powerhouses at 00 and 01 of the signs: Chiron in Pisces, Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. It’s a challenge; will we use the impetus to heal and bring out skills, or will we succumb to collapsing inward like a dying star? Uranus and Jupiter ask us to adjust our ideas of uniqueness, expansion, reaching out, intellectual creativity, knowledge, religious fervor, and/ or innovation so that the implementation fits our world. It’s smart to be flexible, and most of us will.

Bonus! Merc trine Zeus=just listen, and you’ll find out exactly what others want, and what their ambitions are–desires are an open book, so if there’s something you want to know . . .   Ceres opposed Pluto=finally, two formidable forces face off; it’s a clash of the titans–if you’re one of them, know your own strengths, and know your opponent’s–if you’re not one of them, get out of the way! A positive outcome can be negotiated, as long as both sides are willing to acknowledge the rights and power of the other.

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