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The Virgo Moon pulls away from its New Moon status and late in the sign quincunxes first Neptune (10:30 AM PDT) then Chiron (11:30 AM PDT), bringing abrupt notice to the emotions as they take stock of the connection to reality (how clearly are we seeing things?) and then as they scan the horizon for hurt. We think something might be harming us; in this case, the sensitivity to injury precedes any event. If we bring skills forward and put them to work, instead, we won’t go seeking upset, and no problem occurs. (There is one other scenario, where our recall of a past hurt insists on being addressed now–again, putting the abilities to work keeps things smooth).

By my reckoning the Void begins at 1:59 PM PDT, with the Moon entering Libra at 2:06 PM PDT. The Libra Moon looks to me like it will focus on the personal energies, especially relationships, our ability to really be ourselves within them, our wish to expand them in particular and our world in general, and by 11 AM of the 13th the Moon meets Zeus in Libra, bringing desires and ambitions to a head. We will likely spend all of the 12th in ‘personal mode,’ assessing and dealing with an array of relationships, but by midday on the 13th, we will move our attention to the ways we might get what we want. This Moon period brings a fairly straightforward dynamic, and it’s likely to feel, if not busy with interaction (as for many the activity will be largely internal), at least layered with the richness and variety of the personalities in our lives.

Yes, we’re still dealing with the Cardinal T, and Vesta has now joined Saturn–this is good news, as it brings our most sacred values into the mix. Now we know clearly what to preserve, to honor, what to change, let go of, or destroy, and what to take into the future. With priorities so prominent we can use the energy of the T for accomplishment; no need to wallow in the tension, when we can put it to work so effectively.

Early evening Pacific time of the 13th we may find a little relief as the Moon semi-sextiles Mercury. Merc has been somewhat isolated of late, and we could have been feeling that we just haven’t been getting our message across; this should offer us a way to connect, and especially to allow some venting of feeling.

Special Note: Neptune is sesquiquadrate Zeus and the South Node, apex to a Fist of God. Ambition and desire must take its cues from the past and all that we’ve learned–when it does, only our imaginations (formed to our ideals) are the limit.

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