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The Lunar influence over the coming two days is best tracked to identify optimum times to do, to act, to move; we’re looking for power points and moments when it’s best to lay low. Major influences are assisting us in this two day period, and though the Moon’s transit may give us a boost or warn us off precipitous action, other energies are strongly at play right now–make the most of them! (As I don’t repeat myself, you need to check ECLIPSE for the particulars–I’ve already pinpointed the 2nd/3rd as a Big Day–support the blog and see the factors at work here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/) The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is on the 3rd, making this an even better ‘seed time’ than we might think.

About 9:30 AM PDT on the 2nd the Gemini Moon opposes Ceres, and we get our first indication that we may be up against something formidable; Ceres says authority and/ or Mother Nature is directly at odds with our intents–obviously, a lay low point. Now and over the coming few hours the Moon also makes a Grand Trine in Air with Mars/ Venus and Neptune/ Chiron, suggesting that thinking about and using our imagination and skills to plan action (especially if we use our intuition to inform choices) is the way to while away the time. Don’t feel that you’re losing the day–instead realize that the action won’t really take that long. Well planned means choices are up and running in what seems like no time. By 8:30 PM the energy opens up for all that you’ve lined up–Go! Around 9:30 PM PDT to the Void is another point of caution as the Moon squares Uranus–this doesn’t preclude action but rather tells us to expect the unexpected–and to take advantage of the element of surprise.

Void begins 10:40 PM PDT–sit still–or, if you want unanticipatable outcomes, an element of luck or chaos, or to move without leaving a trace, this is the time. You can make your actions (possibly) impossible to observe during a Void–but know that, since we don’t know how things will go, we can’t be sure if our stealth action will stay stealthy! Just to let you know–

11:51 PM PDT the Moon enters Cancer and squares Jupiter. This suggests that our purposes may conflict with the standards of the social arena; this doesn’t mean our efforts won’t succeed, it only implies that some element of our own willfulness will come back at us (Jupiter in Aries). By 3 AM of the 3rd the Moon is opposed Pluto–Jackpot!–this is one of those power points we’ve been waiting for. It may seem a little scary, but full steam ahead!

The Moon squares Saturn just ahead of the 7 AM hour PDT, and we are reminded that laws, physics, and Self-discipline are still necessary to the smooth operation of civilization and our own success. By 4:30 PM PDT the Cancer Moon moves into contact range of a number of important energies. The Lunar energy conjuncts the South Node and sextiles the Sun and Mercury, and what’s lit up tells us how well we’ve been utilizing the influences; this is done through comparing the present to the past, and through what’s communicated (or what’s withheld–this can speak even more loudly!)

By 8:30 PM PDT the Moon has gone on to square the Zeus/ Vesta conjunction, which at this point is only 6 minutes from perfection. There’s a serious check on our Will and ambitions via our most sacred values, and priorities may be delivered through the home front or the sex life. Yeow. This is very very good, though, because it means that nothing is kept in the repetoire that isn’t in line with the things we honor most.

Just pre-7 AM PDT on the 4th the Moon trines Pallas in Water, and we may get a glimpse of the wisdom of our actions, and the emotional impact of our choices over the past two days–choose well!

Today’s Link:  Here’s someone who, in my opinion, is living well http://veronnicawolpendz.blogspot.com/

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