The evening of the 18th PDT, we get what we want in relationship by reasoning, taking the high road, by being innovative, original, or just plain persuasive (Aquarius Moon trine Zeus in Libra), though make sure that you use this silver-tongued (or maybe that’s ‘aura-ed’) interval on something deeply desired–throwing away the mojo on the frivolous or silly would be fun, but ultimately regrettable, as it won’t take long before we realize there were better places to put our energy.

Sunday, though, is truly a day of worship; the Moon doesn’t aspect anything else until it comes within orb of a trine to Vesta around 3:30 PM PDT. This suggests that the period is one where we should dedicate ourselves to our highest purpose and values. This may include attention to the home environment and our closest relationships, with reverence for and attention to Vesta energies called for. Look, too, to the natal location and sign of Vesta for clues as to specific life areas or venues where this energy is best focused. Can be a day full of expressions of love and peace, if we go with the flow.

By 11:30 PM Pacific we’ll be past the Moon’s square to Sedna (a brief blind spot, mentally speaking, with an Aquarius Moon) and on to a square to Pallas and an opposition to Juno; we may be asking ourselves, is it smart to be defiant? Will we lose power if we lay claim to our rights, our emotional territory? Is anger or hurt a viable response to something that may not have been an injury in the first place? Some or all to be considered, as we need to be sure of the mental stance we want to take as the Moon moves on.

A sextile to Ceres about 3 AM of the 20th suggest the emotional payoff to our power decisions comes through. A conjunction to Neptune begins about 4:30 AM PDT on the 20th, bringing confusion and uncertainty, and perhaps vulnerability to illusion or deception; good thing we did that sorting out earlier 🙂 6 AM PDT sees the Moon quincunx the Sun, and by 7 the Moon is conjunct Chiron, opening a window that allows a breeze of emotional dissonance in–and that’s followed by a reaction–we either leap from the window into a pool of Chirotic woundedness (dramatic, no?) or we use our brains (Aquarius’ demand, again) and find out what’s needed to heal ourselves.

The Void begins at 7:22 AM PDT. If you’re looking for a moment to take a chance on something you don’t hold out much hope for, this would be the time–the Void can deliver surprises, without causing a whole lot of harm if we fail.

Well, it’s done! JUNO IN THE NATAL CHART is ready for you!  Many thanks to all who’ve been so encouraging–it meant a lot to me to know that there are people out there who might actually want to read it!

And so, have a great weekend!