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So just after I complained about short Voids not allowing us a little recuperation time, along comes this Void and gives us a stretch free of Lunar feedback (and this may invite a few brains to run hot–it’s in Aquarius–a few tempers to over heat and a wee touch of rebellion to foment–that lasts through 1:15 PM Pacific time; that’s when the Moon enters softly persuasive Pisces–persuasive as we may just want to lie back and dream, with the first aspect not forming until 5:30 PM PDT. At that point the Moon sextiles Pluto, and we may be able to purge emotionally; there’s a possibility that during the after-Pisces-entry hours we could be a bit too receptive to the Collective schmutz and may find ourselves angst-y over things we grab out of the air, rather than anything in our own lives. This all takes place during Dark of the Moon (which began 2 AM-ish Pacific today), so that there’s an even further remove, a feeling of disconnection blanketing it all that serves to make everything a lot more nebulous, and everyone a lot more spacey, in their own way (that just takes away barriers to the personality, amplifying each of us–you get MORE of what you are!)

By 9 PM PDT the Moon trines Mars, both in Water; we can expect a feeling that’s like swimming: we’re making effort but it’s not the usual, we’re soothed yet anxiety can come on in an instant, we’re bouyed yet enveloped. Emotionally we’re working up to the conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter/ Uranus late evening Pacific of the 22nd and early morning of the 23rd which precedes the Cardinal Point Full Moon. Stress levels may be high and difficult to get a handle on, starting with this trine to Mars and building toward the Full Moon.

1 AM PDT of the 21st the Moon quincunxes Saturn–use this grounding moment (which will come through some small dissonance in consciousness)  to orient yourself and take a read on the situation. At this time we need all the grounding influences we can get.

5 AM of the 21st the Moon makes a Water Grand Trine with Venus and the South Node, and we get steeped in nostalgia (literally, the pain of the past) and awash with all our deepest longings and yearnings emotionally and for connection. The Soul is gently turned inside-out with emotion. Understand that, though likely involving some degree of pain, regret, and heartache, this is a very good thing to experience, because it lets us know what we believe would make us complete-and that’s typically not at all what we truly need or want for satisfaction in our lives. It’s a period of sentimentality that can have a purpose that’s quite useful at giving some perspective to things.

The Moon steadily moves toward opposition with Mercury, perfecting in the 11 AM hour PDT. We may feel this building, as the Dark period otherwise tones down most other, immediate influences, making some really pop. This could be a point of revelation, or a mini comedy of errors, as communication can be confusing, even messy, and of course, there’s the potential for confrontation.

Relaxing and envisioning might be my recommendations for this period–along with buying the NEW ‘Juno in the Natal Chart’ http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com or getting the Summer issue of ECLIPSE, which carries a large entry on this upcoming Full Moon, the Venus retro and how to handle it, articles, and the October forecast http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ 

And! New at ‘Been There, Done That’ just posted ‘Your Relationship Power Balance’ http://askjulie.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/your-relationship-power-balance/

And have a great one!