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So, I dreamed of the end of the world last night (let’s just say it was very stressful–fire and ice–and I think the trine between Juno and Ceres in Fire may hold a clue, power, authority, and means of empowerment dancing in my head!) and now it’s almost midnight and I just don’t want to go back to sleep. Ever. Of course that’s an exaggeration; I’m plenty tired, as I finished the final read-through editing for ‘Juno in the Natal Chart.’ I don’t kid myself–I know there are typos and glitches hidden in those pages, but I don’t think I can run my eyes over them even one more time. Now there’s some set-up of the manuscript to do, and then the book will be available, less than 24 hours from now. You can get a peek at the front page art here (scroll down past the wee animals and the hippos and scenery and such)  http://www.cafepress.com/potamusgoods And yes, this is nepotism at its finest; the artist is my younger daughter, Sam.

What jumps out at me when looking at transits for the 18th is something that reinforces the cautions given in ECLIPSE, but that has its own kind of resonance: Ceres is the arm of a T-square formed with the transiting Sun/ Earth axis=power issues, and particularly personal power, the kind that allows us to shape the course of everything within our reach, will be the centerpiece of the experience–a power trip, of sorts, when it falls into place, and tomorrow may be a day when we are faced with the limits of our power, especially the limits that are for our own good–and by that I mean, those kind of things that stop us in our tracks and later we look back and say, ‘Oh, that was really good that I couldn’t do ‘x,’ I can see why it was so much better for me.’  We’ll likely see limits that push us toward expressions of power that will very much be in line with our path (and if you’re on the right track, it may simply be a day of reassessment and adjustment, a reality check that could show surprising results and opportunities for progress). Ceres inherently carries the possibility of overstepping our boundaries, and this can show specifically in any area we are nurturing–the maternal bent can be too sure of itself, too prone to feel ‘Mother Knows Best.’ Just a caution that will keep some perspective on things.

With the Moon entering Aquarius at 12:35 AM PDT, we see a Lunar influence that wants to meet everything through the cool intellect–and for those who like to feel their way through life, this may be a little splash of cold water–it could seem like a mini-end of the world, as these individuals struggle (even resist mightily) the way circumstances require a high-end mental approach. Just as the mind needs the senses and the feelings, we must acknowledge that the intuition and feelings need the mind, too–sometimes it’s way easier to read the instructions than it is to ‘intuit’ what’s needed!

Now it’s off to bed. I’ve got to remember that, like the song says, it may just be the end of the world as we know it–since things are still spinnin’ I’ll assume it’s an end to a personal viewpoint, a tiny saga of mine, making way in my life for new beginnings 🙂