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I've always heard it's not polite to point. Antonio Belluci c.1700 {{PD}}

By 9 AM PST the Moon is trine Vesta, making the emotions a reliable conduit for the most sacred values–if it feels right, it is right–the only exception is the person who’s disconnected from her or his own emotional palette, who thinks they feel, or who has mis-identified one emotion as another (and this latter is something we take for granted, that everyone identifies emotions the same way and as the same thing-and they don’t!!) If you’re mis-aligned with your emotional nature and you follow emotional prompts at this time, it will have unforseen, probably negative, consequences–just sayin’!

Right as the Moon enters Virgo (3:10 PM PST) it quincunxes Jupiter new and fresh and saucy at 00, and this creates a Finger of God with the upcoming quincunx of the Moon to the Sun at 5:30 PM Pacific, requiring us to adjust the emotional picture to the object of everyone else’s attention. We may feel we have more important things to attend to (and we may be right!) but the group requires we focus on matters either Aquarian or related to the House where the Sun is currently transiting in the natal chart, and that the lens be emotion or intuition, so that our acceptance of the social demand feels a bit false. In this instance, it’s best to go along to get along–and we may gain useful ‘camouflage’ of some kind because of our co-operative nature :)