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Jacob wrestling with the Angel Leloir 1865 {{PD}}

Just before 9 AM PST the Moon trines Mercury in Earth–do we really need to open our mouths about material matters, ours and everyone else’s? No, we needn’t–but we just might, before we know it. Caution is in order, only because we may have a tendency to promise more than we can deliver at this point.

Things stay cool ’til right before 5 PM PST when the Virgo Moon squares Venus in Sagittarius–if we are feeling petulant, it will show. Somehow nothing seems to satisfy–for those on the commute at this time, take care–it seems like a point where tempers may flair for almost no reason at all. Whatever aggravating circumstances we see outside ourselves, it’s fitting to remind that this is really the state inside us–and so not to react strongly when others forget this fine point.