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The Mars/ Saturn quincunx may be the underpinning on much of what transpires. The action urge and ego must adjust to reality–no question. Rules and regulations, though, might have to bend under assault of the ‘I am’ or the persistence and one-pointedness of the need to do–so which way it falls for you may be dependent on what’s stimulated in the personal chart. If your Sun, Mars, or Ascendant are receiving stimulus from transiting bodies, then you will likely make the rules bend to you; everyone else will probably need to surrender ego to the realities of life.

9:30 AM-ish the Moon completes a Fist of God with a square to Saturn, both sesquiquadrate Neptune. Perhaps this manifests as a test: the emotional nature tests itself against reality, and this, if successful, can make dreams come true. It sounds like a fairy-tale, but it’s really the kind of simple, to-the-heart admonition that can guide us soundly to where we want to go. There’s no need for drama–but sometimes we just don’t realize that :) At this point the Moon also trines Mars, making it easy to act on our promptings. Go Us!

Gabby Turner has put together a collection of links to articles on Uranus in Aries–well worth a look, as is her site!

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Illustration is by Godward 1901 {{PD-Art}}