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Fragile Emotion photo by Don from Murfreesboro TN Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

By 11 PM PST of the 12th the Moon trines Ceres in Air–and our thoughts will be on Mother Nature, and/ or the maternal. We can work out an emo kink in this area, smooth our thoughts, if we want to. (And this includes attaining a workable emotional relationship with current events–we can’t be overwhelmed forever).

Moon enters Cancer at 7:29 AM PDT of the 13th. A word on the Cancer Moon: this transit can be both highly soothing, as we are able to connect with methods and individuals who make us feel better (or at least well-nurtured) and it can be highly painful, as we wish to nurture, heal, or cure what’s around us in typical caring Cancerian fashion. Considering world events of late, it may be an up-and-down period; so be gentle with yourself, not expecting too much from any quarter, but also not demanding you give more than you comfortably can. You’re no good to anyone, especially yourself, if you’re debilitated.

Right away in Cancer the Moon squares Uranus–an emotional or intuitive surprise is possible, but I might also think there could be an emotionally-based challenge to our individuality, our ability to create and innovate, or to our stance on or position in the group. Your reaction will be a read on how you really feel about yourself in the area (individuality, ability to innovate, or group membership) where this occurs, and will reveal what you really think your place or privilege should be. This is good, as it wipes away false modesty and allows us to claim our own uniqueness publicly and proudly.

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