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Surely this young woman's direct gaze suggests she's unafraid of a reckoning Vermeer c.1666 {{PD-Art}}

7 AM-ish sees the transiting Moon complete a Finger of God with a base of Ceres and the North Node. This may be a point of reckoning for all of us concerning Mother Nature and the way in which she’s changing the Life Path of just about everyone on the planet. Another big shake, a volcano going off (as of this writing there’s new activity in Japan, and there’s plenty more sprinkled around the Ring of Fire, not to mention so many other places on the map), or some other natural phenomenon (even a man-triggered one like a nuclear reaction, or the release of radiation, as we’re already seeing, but this time in a proportion with real consequences)? This may be reading too much into it, but with the Moon in Water and the NN in Sagittarius, it suggests to me another tsunami or other water phenomenon that has far-reaching (Sag) effects–but with Ceres in Aquarius, it may just be that our minds are fixed on pondering, studying, and analyzing what has already occurred. A small note: the dynamic (moving) chart I use to follow transits, which is set for Seattle, shows the Moon sextile the chart Vertex at this point, as well–and this implies a truly fated event. Most likely, though, is that this point will pass as so many others have, with nary a whisper :)

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