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Here's one way to use those Mercurial Sea-Legs! US Navy recruiting poster 1917 Reuterdahl {{PD}} Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons

Just after 10 Am PDT the Moon trines Saturn in Air and conjuncts Pallas, and we may find ourselves wanting to get a good grip on things, wanting to pin things down–but why? Restlessness spurred by unfulfilled attempts to lock down and control everything may be in store; if possible, take a deep breath and back off–no matter how reasonable we may feel we are being (and we likely will feel very reasonable!) we will be pushing too hard, being too serious, and taking things too intensely. Relax–and occupy your Higher Mind–it’s the best way to use the energy to your advantage, and putting at least some of your effort into Self-discipline will reveal the wise course.

Noon-ish the Aquarian Moon trines h.Zeus and sextiles now-direct Mercury. Are you feeling better? Thoughts may be on all those delayed ambitions and desires–but, taking it slow is the best approach–we’re still suffering from a version of Mercurial ‘sea-legs’ that are shifting the ground beneath our feet now and again. Do go full speed ahead with plans–this is a great time for it–but take measured steps toward acting, launching, and making changes. At this time we also see Ceres at the Moon/ Mercury midpoint; we mull our feelings about authority–our own or others’ that affects us–and may alter our outlook because of what we see or conclude.

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