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Looking for opportunity is half the reason we study the stars in the first place, isn't it? Thought to be 15th century, no source known {{PD}}

1:30 AM on the 23rd sees the Moon act as the arm of a T-square to the Saturn/ Mercury opposition–and should initially result in the emotions being pulled mightily between what you think, or has been communicated to you, and what you observe as reality, the rules, or the ‘real’ situation. This is a test of how much you trust yourself; even with Merc retro, you will know what is true–funnel your emotional clarity into resolving what’s presented so that your emotional picture is accurate and acceptable for you–you needn’t answer to anyone else.

5 AM Pacific the Moon trines Juno in Earth. When the emotions and intuition are keyed to Earth, and touching Juno also in Earth, we are handed a recipe for making good financial plans and decisions. We will see just what will effectively bring us a sense of prosperity, stability, comfort, reward, and abundance–and we can see how to go after it. For those who may be asleep at this time, take note of your dreams, or events in the night; these likely hold clues to achieve that material boost.

By 8:30 AM the Moon squares Mars; they are in Cardinal signs! they want results! they can be dramatic and assertive while still following the rules! Again, opportunity knocks, but stretching out actions to a slightly later point (after Merc direct, at least) will insure a clearer thought process and no (or few) missteps.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:59 AM of the 24th, semi-sextiling Neptune and briefly sprinkling bunny glitter on everything. It’s nice to allow a little glamor and illusion now and again, isn’t it? A sextile to Uranus (3 PM PDT) brings a little surprise, shock, or revelation, and then the Aquarius Moon makes a T-square with the Sun/ Earth axis, and as well sextiles Venus and places Chiron at the midpoint (7PM-ish PDT). Oh! The tension that comes forward is both intellectual and fundamental to the situation; it was there all along, now we can see it. The less mature may suffer a bout of rebellion or insist on avant garde-ism, but everyone else will see the healing potential in the air–and embrace it.

Have a wonderful weekend!