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'Girl With Mirror' Artist Unknown 18th-19th Century Qajar Art Museum of Georgia

Moon enters Aries at 10:33 AM of the 29th. Oh Aries, we’re all a little tired of your brash, almost-bully assertiveness, I think; you’ve been nothing but hard on all the Cardinals, especially Aries–those people have been through the wringer. Now the Moon comes along and offers reflective light–an understanding that comes from throwing illuminating awareness on Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter, all in Aries–and some are more happy in the sign than others, which will become abundantly obvious.

The effect may be that nearly the entire time the Moon is in Aries, we will be receiving various insights on the energies placed there as they relate to us personally–and how comfortable the energy is in the sign of the Ram may have a lot to do with the manifestation–so I’ll concentrate interpretation on that, rather than on the usual Lunar progression.

Merc here speaks up, especially for himself (and though he may lead, he champions his own cause first and foremost), and may get quite aggressive, not even meaning to; coming off the retrograde as he is, there’s a lot of pent-up lip looking for a subject–we’ll be treated to a variety of cheeky exchanges–and we’ll generate some pretty angry or assertive thoughts and action plans of our own. Danger level: high

Uranus may be more positive for those with natal Uranus in the Fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius than for those with natal Uranus in other signs. The emotional awareness and intuition may focus on unique expression for the individual–it might seem it’s now or never, which of course is a fiery exaggeration–so the effect can be all the way from highly productive and inspired to innovate to crazy, irrational, and chaotic. Danger level: totally dependent on your Uranian energies–but here’s a hint, if you’re normally controlled and Self-disciplined, you’ll probably find it a very creative Moon

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