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This dog's name was Venus; how could I not use this pic? 19th c. Sir EH Landseer {{PD-Art}}

I must apologize; I’m way behind today, in part because I was up into the wee hours combing Seattle for my cell phone. We found it; it had fallen from my pocket at Benaroya Hall as we listened to writer David Sedaris read from his work (and it was a wonderful event, a little like going to church, as the love from the audience and from Mr. Sedaris was palpable–and it didn’t hurt that he was hilarious). The odd part was that I was carrying the phone in the pocket of my linen slacks; I was very much aware of the weight of the phone on my leg, and I’m a compulsive ‘checker,’ always making contact with the phone, my ticket, and whatever else I carry–so it was doubly odd that I thought I had the phone in my pocket for a full two hours past the time it had fallen out. In fact, I told everyone I remembered  feeling the weight of it as we left a pub late-night–but it was already gone.

I was left seriously questioning how I could’ve held such a delusion–and of course, I find t Neptune almost exactly trine my natal Mercury–it’s a wonder I can put two words together! Thank goodness gravity takes no thought 🙂 But that can’t be the whole answer, can it?

For me and you and everyone we know, we might find a hint as to this kind of influence actually being a mass effect right now, as t Neptune is semi-squared by t Mercury; the intellectual and thought-fabric (Merc) of the Collective (Neptune) is effected–are we being deluded about the death of Bin Laden, for example, as words of aggression against him, and his defeat (by the Warrior Mercury in Aries) are delivered under an obscuring influence, even one that could indicate illusion (Neptune), with the claim that he was quickly, quietly “buried at sea” (Neptune)? Just a thought, which I didn’t at first entertain–though my husband jumped right on the idea, remarking last night, “I hope this isn’t a Wag the Dog moment,” referring to a movie where a ‘war’ was produced/ manufactured for the camera for political gain. They wouldn’t do that, right? But if they did, what a perfect moment to choose! And that’s not even considering that we might have a few ‘Wag the Dog’ moments on a personal level, where we are convinced of something that just isn’t, whether from the deliberate efforts of others or our own acceptance of an illusion.

The Sun and Earth are now in exact T-square to Vesta, placing our highest values at odds to some extent with the reality situation, literally to the direction of the planet. And there is an interesting Mystic Rectangle formed (for the next 5 days or so) with the Sun/ Earth and the opposition between Ceres and Juno. This suggests nature, matters of empowerment and authority, whose territory is whose (both actual territory and the figurative purview that comes with authority), and status, are working in fluid concert with the world’s direction and attention at present. These, of course, will have both personal influences and wider ones, likely seen as ways the reality situation is affected by personal experiences of power jockeying and authorities staking out their claims. The fact that it’s a MR may suggest that this is one of those points where the power balance is shifting shifting and re-aligning–and doing so in a way that’s synchronized and ‘easy,’ so that we wake up to a significantly different world framework than we went to bed with.

And we are in the Dark of the Moon–so go easy 🙂

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