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Europa and the Bull ancient Greek {{PD-Art}}

On the 2nd of May we have a New Moon at 11:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time at 12 Taurus 30. We keep our usual two-degree orb, and we end up with quite a few aspects. We have a trine to Juno (the NM promises easy empowerment beginnings in the area of the chart where Juno, currently at 14 Virgo 00, is transiting); a quincunx to both Saturn and h.Zeus (what’s started at the NM must adjust to reality/ things as they are–especially relationships–and to the need-state of ambitions and desires, as they are clearly solidified–conjunction to Saturn–and must be dealt with); opposition to Earth (of course!); squares to both Vesta and Pallas in Aquarius (events or experiences of the NM spark Higher Mind devotion to the sacred, to home and sexual expression, and to what we know to be wise, and may bring revelations and innovative ideas); the NM is just out of range for a sextile to Ceres; and consequently authorities might lack power and not truly have reach, at this time.

Taking into account my interpretation of the New Moon’s Sabian symbol (available in the newsletter) we ask, what does all this New Moon energy indicate? That this marks the point of a burgeoning awareness of some part of the contents of the personal psyche, and that this awareness will rely upon both a clear connection to the personal reality and a consciousness of one’s most sacred values. You’ll be dealing with ‘baggage,’ your own or someone else’s. Remember, it’s only a starting point–something is born with this Moon (and it’s likely materially related, or will affect the material situation–Taurus) that has deeply-felt ‘roots’–and a growing consciousness of what starts here will inform thought and experience at least through to the next New Moon, with results that reach far beyond that.