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'La Petite Esmeralda' Bouguereau 1874 {{PD-Art}} via Wikimedia

Let’s actually start around 6:30 PM PDT the evening of the 3rd; that’s when the Moon in Taurus, like a fresh-scrubbed milkmaid, meets up with Sedna–and becomes udderly (milkmaid joke!) lost (sorry–feeling a little light-headed after planting trees in the sunshine). Poor Luna; it really is a matter of not being able to connect with our own feelings–so it’s an entire globe’s worth of people who haven’t a clue about their emotional state–and that can lead to all sorts of mischief, even tragedy. It’s the equivalent of absolutely everybody being disassociated, all at once, and that means that, driven by emotions of which we’re unaware, we could really put our foot in it (or in someone else’s ‘it’). Stick to material matters, tried-and-true comforts, and keep reactions to a minimum, and you should sail through this fine. Notable is that we enter the Void as the Moon pulls away from Sedna (6:54 PM Pacific–and yes, this will differ from some other astrologers’ calculations).

By 8:30 PM the Moon is quincunx the North Node and semi-sextile Jupiter and, shortly thereafter, Mars. Coming off the emotional blindness of Sedna, we may suddenly be re-connected to the emotions by the social sphere, probably through awareness of standards and what’s acceptable. It may be like waking up from sleep-walking to find ourselves, as in the classic dream, in class in our underwear–only this time it will be figurative, and emotional. We see how this affects our Path, and we act on what we observe–a pretty straightforward series of events, though since we’re in the Void, something unexpected could materialize, it’s just as likely there’ll be no lasting damage :)

Moon enters Gemini at 10:10 AM PDT, with an immediate square to Neptune that challenges the emotional outlook or the intuitive perceptions with either a ‘shot’ of potent inspiration or with information that contradicts our ideals. Now, this latter breaks down into one of two possibilities: either the info is real, and we need to acknowledge that our ideals are inaccurate in some way, or the info is an illusion or a deliberate deception, and must not be tolerated. How do we know the difference? If we’re willing to be totally honest with ourselves, we can intuit the answer: the Gemini Moon tunes us in to the nuances of communication–and from that we can know instinctively what we’re dealing with.

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