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Ceres, an allegory of August, fresco by Cosme Tura c1480 {{PD-Art}}

7:30 AM PDT the Virgo Moon opposes Ceres in Pisces; here we have two sets of feeling, nurturing, and maternally-keyed energies facing off against each other–and this could prove to be an incredibly rough showdown. One side (Ceres) clearly will feel it has the advantage of authority, whether that is conferred through age, position, status, or is primal (Mom!) while the other side (Moon) will be all-feeling and perhaps intuitively already privy to what the other side wants to share or state–yet feels vulnerable, as what opposes inherently carries power (or at least, presents resistance and a differing point of view) over the individual or side that is ‘junior’ (the Moon) in some way. This can also be a clash of maturity, where the over reaching of boundaries on the one side clashes with a recently developed Self-possession on the other.

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