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Piazza San Marco in the Moonlight by Nerly c1870 {{PD-Art}}

On the 27th we’ve really got all we can handle with a 4:08 AM Pacific New Moon at 4 Libra 00. Using our usual strict 2 degree orb, the NM conjuncts Mercury and sextiles Mars, squares Pluto and opposes Uranus (which is, of course, conjunct the Earth). This is a highly dynamic Moon and, in typical Libra style, packs a cold iron fist inside that soft velvet glove. With Libra, there is an automatic implication of a partner or ‘other,’ and so we know that the experience will not be a solitary one. Here, the NM announces itself as about communication (Mercury) and communion (the companionship function of Libra) that is accompanied by or prompts action (Mars); what results is of a destructive or transformative nature (Pluto) and challenges the stability of both our identity as an individual and within the group (Uranus) and could signal unexpected changes to the material situation (Earth).

And later . . .

11 PM PDT the Moon conjuncts Venus–excellent! for love, for partnership in the true sense of the word, for co-operation, and for delivering justice, especially for balancing emotional scales–and the Moon’s 12:30 AM PDT of the 28th’s trine to the South Node says that we may draw on the past to reach an emotional resolution now–and this may be very good, as in we’ve in some sense ‘learned our lesson,’ or it could be bad, if we slip into old ways of seeing and doing.

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