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'The Boating Party' Cassatt c1894 {{PD-Art}}

Around 11 AM Pacific the Gemini Moon creates a Grand Trine in Air with arms of Juno in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. We are empowered to create–and this is so no matter what we’re doing–it’s a ‘think it and you can make it’ aspect. Use this well and wisely! Optimists who are also willing to do will likely get better results than pessimists or unfettered dreamers, both of whom typically have trouble making actual moves toward their goals in the physical world. Liveliest matters are likely to be found in the Houses where these bodies are placed, and with any natal placements they affect, at roughly 25-29 degrees of an Air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius).

8:30 PM PDT the Cancer Moon squares Uranus; hey! where’d all that rebellion come from? It may be a reaction to what we don’t want to heal just yet–we must admit, sometimes we are more comfortable holding on to our anger, resentment, or hurt–but if this is you, please consider giving it up for a happier life.

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