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Frith 1872 {{PD-Art}}

6:30 AM PST the Moon conjuncts Saturn, trines Neptune, and quincunxes Ceres, all in the 29th degree of their respective signs. Here’s a pot of tension, coming to a boil, where partners or co-operative others are the target, and the urge is to repress, deceive or confuse, inspire, and boss around. You can see why this boils over, and why those we choose to express frustrations to may not be the real object of upset, and the same will be true of us–we are not reallythe correct target for others but oh we may be aimed at anyway! Restraint, not insisting on running our territory at the moment, and a willingness to treat the energy imaginatively, may all pay off.

Void begins at 7:29 AM PST; the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:33 AM PST. We start with . . . nothing exact yet–it’s been some time since we were without an immediate, exact to the degree aspect when the Moon changes sign–and that may be good, as we aren’t whiplashed right away with some formidable energy. Just after 10 AM PST the Moon opposes Jupiter and quincunxes Uranus, probably sending us into a uniqueness tizzy, where we insist on ‘being ourselves’ in a way that even rubs us the wrong way! And the social scene wishes we would sit down, too :(

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My thought for the day? If all we have is hate, then that’s what we give away–and it says everything about the giver, and nothing about the recipient.