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Venus may laugh at us, if we take our Chirotic wounds too seriously right now. WP Firth 1852 century {{PD-Art}}

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Love meets the primal wound, and offers both healing and, to those so inclined, the temptation to treasure the wound–we can see what it’s worth, and it will take a brave individual to set that material for manipulation aside and apply the Venusian balm. Too, Venus may bring Love to that Chirotic skill or gift–and prompt its sharing with others, bringing Chiron in practice to a new, transpersonal level of expression (at least temporarily). Depending on our own typical viewpoint, we may at this time credit relationships with being a major source of pain, see relationship as the only thing that can heal us (and thus become a tad desperate or demanding), view love, money, or our own talents as the only thing that can heal our hurt, or see any or all of these as perpetual sources of wounding, playing into the primal hurt and seeing our opportunity for love, money, or reward as swallowed by our injury. The Pisces placement brings up the possibility that we may project our hurt, or our ability to heal, on the Collective, and make others responsible for what happens in our personal situation–better to see that our pain is not unique (an immature Chiron can sometimes persuade us that we are the only ones who’ve experienced such profound injury), that indeed we share our wounded nature with all others–and that this commonality should lighten our load considerably, as we realize that these wounds have been handled and healed by many many people throughout time–and so there’s a good chance that we may heal, too.

Venus, of course, is playful, and wants to enjoy life; if we take our wounds too seriously, insisting that a good time is unavailable because we must take time to suffer, we may get a surprise, in the form of a desired or desirable person or object that will not play the game, who instead takes our pain lightly–and with good reason, as acceptance of a Venusian lighter attitude would (at least in the moment) soothe, and heal, at least a little bit. We may also make the enormous mistake of seeing Love as the wounding agent itself; if we do, we should realize that this suggests what we are calling Love is not really Love at all, for real Love cannot harm–and so we may want to redefine a mislabeled action or feeling. This all kicks up on the 15th.

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