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Depiction of an 1871 battle at Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, burial place of Chopin, Pissarro, Proust, and Door Jim Morrison, among others. Philippoteaux {{PD-Art}}

2 AM PST the Moon opposes Ceres–here the emotions may push us to contradict or confront a maternal energy, or an authority who demands acquiescence or negotiation (the latter for what we likely feel are our rights!) Just know that you will not change this person’s mind; they believe in their own authority, and their right to be an authority over you. Stick to the facts and insist that others do so, if you want to actively maintain your autonomy.

4 AM PST the Moon quincunxes Neptune, suggesting that we modify our feeling in order to deal with illusion, deception offered, or delusion, all likely of an intellectual nature. Imagine an encounter where someone tries to persuade you of something by appealing to the logic and reason of the intellect–and yet does not embrace fact or make sense! Clear thinking will help you navigate this, along with a willingness to see what’s really in front of you.

Void begins at 4:15 AM PST; the Moon enters Libra at 5:28 AM PST. First aspect is the Moon quincunx Venus; we may be wondering how our emotional perceptions varied so much from our concept of love, and we are reminded of how to put the relationship right again. The dissonance came about through the petty narrowing of focus that it’s easy to fall into when working things out with others (Libra)–now we are re-focused on the Love principle, with positive results. This is the start of a Finger of God with base of Venus/ Jupiter, apex of Moon, that suggests taking a more Universal approach (Pisces) on the social scene (Jupiter) may be the key to emotional fulfillment in relationship at this time, with Taurus implying a material, nurturing, or artistic component to the equation.

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