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Vorobiev 1842 {{PD-Art}}

Friday the 13th jolts us with the Mars Direction (8:52 PM PDT)–will we feel it? Yes, the turnaround will be a little whiplash-y, where in some way we’ll feel a portion of our life is out-of-control. The most vital point, though, may be that the Warrior begins to move forward beforereaching an encore opposition to Neptune–and that could mean we’ll see some individuals busy trying to resurrect an already-dead dream, ideal, or fantasy. If you find this is you, take a step back, and understand that mourning is really what’s in order, as you are definitely meant to move on.

For the 14th we have this from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest, available by subscription:

Just before 6 AM PDT the (Aquarius) Moon hits the midpoint of the Chiron/ Pluto sextile, suggesting we may almost become ‘human barometers’ through our emotional reactions and experience. This can point out all the danger zones, and also indicate our power and skill possibilities–now be careful sorting between those two! On the heels of this (7 AM PDT) comes the Moon’s trine to Venus, offering an excellent mental (Air placements) atmosphere, and with the simultaneous perfection of the semi-sextile to Pluto, we see a stance that can get to the bottom of things while maintaining relationships and not harming financial arrangements.

And for the 15th, we have an aspect formula that says, in part, we could find empowerment opportunities by taking a unique approach, and may see authorities acting creatively (and that could mean deceptively!) but that the most distinct feeling we experience could be the sense that we’re working against a double dose of gravity, making it a chore to put one foot in front of the other! We can thank the Saturn/ Earth conjunction for that :/

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