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'Echo' by Cabanel 1874 {{PD-Art}}

From ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest:

For the 28th Mercury opposes Zeus and the Sun sextiles Chiron.  That ‘echo effect’ may cause some obstinate insistence that we get what we want–it’s almost like we want to hurt ourselves by overreaching and talking trash! Just proceed carefully–messages may seem to deny our aspirations, but the operative word is ‘seems’. We shouldn’t react to what we hear today–it’s almost like it’s meant to poke us in the eye, and send us off in the wrong direction! Stay level-headed and calm, and don’t look for injury when none was intended.

And for the 29th:

A 1 PM PDT trine of the Moon to Mercury in Fire says the words may flow, with ‘heated discussions’, inflammatory opinions, and ‘take no prisoners’ ‘honesty’ on the menu. A concurrent sextile of Moon to Zeus suggests that what’s really on our minds is getting what we want, or fulfilling ambitions–keeping this in mind, as the ‘back story’ to everything communicated right now, will go a long way toward explaining motives and true intents. Just remember, yours will show, too.

Dear Subscribers, you’ll note that the Moon moves into Leo, AM Pacific time on Saturday, and that I neglected in the Weekly to say just which sign it would enter (though I guess we can assume it will be the one following Cancer 😉 )

And if you’re looking this over and it’s still Friday (or your local equivalent), please see the Lunar notes for this day, below.

Someone holds a spoon to Hans Holbein the Younger's painting 'The Ambassadors' so we can observe the 'trick' included by the artist. Thank You to Anonymous (she gets around, doesn't she?) Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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To see Holbein’s entire painting and learn about the subjects, symbolisms, and the skull effect, please visit the UK’s National Gallery site

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