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Atmosphere and relationship, especially surroundings that are a material statement about our Taurean essence, will be emphasized with Vesta in Taurus. by Corot 1857 {{PD-Art}}

For the 30th of April, Vesta enters Taurus, making us more than usually aware of what’s precious to us materially, around the home, and what physical about the partner (looks, earnings, possessions, talents) we find admirable. This viewpoint should not be eschewed as lacking in spirituality; that quality is found in the person, not the trappings–and yet, what we’re surrounded with is no less worthy and spiritual in expression than anything else, since it is part of, even a statement about, our world. What surrounds us is, in essence, a manifestation of our spirituality–it’s now a time to celebrate the flower growing in the trash heap, so to speak, appreciate the animal appetites, or to notice the rot that may underlie the thing of beauty.

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