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Portrait of a Pregnant Woman (Maria Leopoldine, Archduchesse of Austria) by Lippi 1649 {{PD-Art}}

All material is excerpted from ECLIPSE Weekly Aspect Digest; order here for the complete daily aspect and Lunar picture, and more (this week it’s an article about career and success markers, and a short bit on exhaltations). For Friday the 4th we have:

Just after noon Pacific time the Moon quincunxes Pallas; this could bring forward a round of Self-questioning, or inquiries from the partner, and either situation could shake our confidence in our own good judgment. As long as you can discern an emotional component to your thinking, there’s nothing to worry about, but if this is actually an intuition . . . then you’d better examine what you’re accepting as ‘wisdom’ long and hard.

Void begins at 1:34 PM PDT; the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:19 PM PDT, which just so happens to be the minute that the Sun reaches exactly 15 degrees of Taurus and the Earth does likewise in Scorpio.

For Saturday, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio:

The Full Moon arrives at 8:35 PM PDT of the 5th at 16 Scorpio 01: ‘Pregnant With Possibility’

This Scorpio Full Moon is without aspect to any other body under our consideration; this puts the search for meaning in two spots: the signs involved in the Sun/ Moon opposition, and in the Sabian Symbols for the degrees of Sun and Moon/ Earth.

The Sabian Symbol for Moon/ Earth is ‘A Woman, Fecundated By Her Own Spirit, Is ‘Great With Child’. This brings emphasis to the potentials of the Scorpio spiritual orientation and the idea that one can quite literally inspire a new beginning within oneself. This is a kind of immaculate conception that draws on our own Soul to fertilize the creative possibilities within the Self and conceive and gestate a new venture or creation, a new thing brought into being from the seed of spirit entering that fertile ground of Beingness.

And for Sunday the 6th:

at 5:30 AM PDT, the Moon forms the apex of a loose Finger of God, with wide base of Mercury/ Venus. This suggests that, in the midst of the emotional no-man’s-land, we could receive some cogent messages concerning relationships or finances–oy! The solution may be found in the nature of the Scorpio Moon; if we can let the info in without having to process it right away, we may have it for later conscious consideration, while receiving unconsciously reassurance about a Venusian subject. A neat trick, if we can pull it off.

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