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Mystery Man #2  12 February 1943  4 AM  Holyoke Massachusetts USA

What grabs us first about this chart? Maybe it’s the way the Cardinals bracket most of the other energies, forming a barbell or double-ended funnel; the structure implies everything is about action–it begins and ends everything, and so much action makes sense, with Mars in the 1st and a Sag ASC with ruler Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th–it’s a feeling action that reaches out to the world–he needs an audience, and this is reinforced by the Libra MC.

Neptune is the visual standout, in the 9th reasonably close to the MC, and in mutual reception with ruler Venus, who sits in Pisces midway in one end of the barbell–this mutual reception screams artist. Neptune himself is trine both Uranus (at 00, the implication is that he may be a wee bit obsessed with the new, unusual, or radical) and Saturn, and both are in the 6th–creativity in solid and innovative ways is a daily thing. This is the chart of an artist, in so many ways oriented toward reaching out to others through Self-expression.

The chart shows a small complex of material support likely from those who ‘get’ his communications and who are ‘in love’ with his creativity and his work (8th is ruled by Moon, in Taurus in 5th, while the 7th of the audience holds Jupiter, with ruler Merc in the 2nd in Capricorn). That’s solid material support, generously shared. Pluto in the 8th is sextile Saturn, hinting that there’s something destructive or subversive in his offerings.

Commenter Nicoleh73 notes that what this man does is likely visual, and Aphelionx suggests painting–and both are essentially right, this man is known as a visual artist, though he writes and works in various mediums, with the idea often as important (or more so) than the representation. He’s known for one particular thing, and in looking in the chart we see Neptune widely opposed Ceres, suggesting that nature may be an inspiration, and both Uranus and Saturn are in the Taurean 6th of pets/ animals (large animals fall in the 9th), though both planets are in Gemini, suggesting that the subjects of his work communicate something.

The artist is William Wegman, known for his photographic portraits of deadpan weimaraners in human situations.