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‘Buddha in His Youth’ Odilon pre-1916 {{PD-Art}}

Void begins at 5:55 PM PDT of the 12th; the Moon enters Pisces at 4:42 AM PDT of the 13th.

The 13th sees Ceres quincunx Zeus and Mercury trine Mars; this time the power clashes are serious, among ‘big’ players, and aggressive or angry words come much too easily. We may see one side insist that what’s ‘natural’ is right, while the other side asserts that their position and authority must prevail. Neither is without flaw, and if you are able to withdraw from this, all the better; no matter the outcome, all parties will be forced to adjust, so naming a clear ‘winner’ just isn’t possible–with that in mind, put your energy elsewhere, maybe into keeping your communications as conscious and kind as possible.

In Lunar terms we have only a few striking aspects to take into account; by 10 AM PDT the first is in place with the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune. Emotional confusion is too mild a concept for this! We just don’t know: emotionally, intuitively, our senses fail us. For a lucky few who can let go into the energy, truly ‘zoning out’ and blanking on their current surroundings (please, no one driving a bus or operating heavy machinery may partake!) this can be an ultimate moment of inspiration or creative inception–and if this hooks into the natal chart, especially to the 5th or ruler of the 5th, or the Sun, Moon, or ASC ruler, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration. Capturing the effect may not be as easy as you think, since it will be other-worldly and experiential in nature–and so our after-the-fact ‘translations’ may never fully capture what is given us in the moment.

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