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Pallas is instrumental in this Sunday’s eclipse effect. See it all in this week’s ECLIPSE! ‘Pallas Athena’ by Gustav Klimt {{PD-Art}}

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For Friday the 18th of May:

The Moon entered Taurus at 3:04 AM PDT. A 1 PM PDT quincunx of the Moon to the North Node sets the tone: we will spend the transit of the Moon through Taurus adjusting, and we may find we have a higher than usual discomfort both emotionally and physically.

Remember that the Mars/ Pluto trine in Earth is still in effect; the urge to do and transform is still strong, and also carries a higher than average chance of pushing us to be overly assertive, or inadvertently destructive, in our attempts to make things happen.

For Saturday the 19th:

On the 19th we see the Sun oppose Juno, which naturally means the Earth conjuncts her. We are looking at the figurative center of the Universe (in terms of consciousness) in opposition to the very personal, individual need for empowerment and a feeling of significance. Those who choose to play ‘the center of the Universe’ will, besides being insufferable! also be oblivious to the true effects they’re having–they may see themselves as beaming goodness and light to the masses, while those around them suffer sunburn, dehydration, and squint in the glare of ego–while everyone else will be seeing things from too small and insecure a position to operate effectively. The key to handling this, and avoiding coming down on either side of the equation, may be to leave matters of power and influence to the side, for now. A low-key, modest approach is an appropriate way of operating during the Dark of the Moon; we don’t really have the energy to pursue power moves at this time, so responding actively to Sun/ Juno may frazzle us and lead exactly nowhere.

And for Sunday the 20th, the day of an Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Gemini:

The eclipse/ New Moon (occurring at 4:46 PM PDT at 00 Gemini 20) inceptions focus through the image of the Wise Warrior, the anima with native intelligence, poise, mad practical skills, and the fearless martial poise of someone both well-armed (whether that’s figurative or literal) and wise. This persona accepts the role of wise guide for the Self or for others, applying the practical skills, knowledge, and the ripe wisdom of experience to negotiate events of the eclipse–and the entity takes this image on in response to someone (the Juno figure, which sits opposed the eclipse at 29 tense degrees of Scorpio) who is seeking empowerment or exerting authority, and it may be at our expense, or inappropriate to the relationship–

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