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‘Ahem said the mouse with an important air.” from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by L. Carroll, edition illustrated by Charles Robinson 1907 {{PD}}

The 21st sees a contact frenzy among heavenly energies–and we can be fairly certain it’s all prompted by whatever the eclipse brought forward. (And if it seems the eclipse didn’t carry any big event or impact for you, I would assume that the effects have gone underground, and are working behind the scenes in your life, particularly if it fell in the 1st, 12th, 2nd, or possibly the 11th, 9th, or 10th.) We have Chiron sextile Vesta, and Mercury conjunct Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Pluto, and quincunx Saturn, and the effect on the perceptions could be major. We are on the one hand inspired to heal, to serve, and to mold ourselves without hesitation to our highest ideals and to honor those things we consider sacred; but on the other hand, we are suffering mental processing anomalies that are disorienting, traumatic, and even frightening, as they hold the potential to disconnect us from reality, for a time.

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