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‘The Sacrifice to Vesta’ by Goya {{PD}}

We are accustomed to thinking of the body as a vehicle for the spirit; Vesta directs us to revere the spirit behind the flesh, the choice, the action. The goddess requires we consider both the physical body and those causes and beliefs to which we dedicate expenditure of the life energy as sacred, to be honored as a direct manifestation of, gift from, and conduit to the divine. The essence of Vesta can be embodied, but this must be accompanied by a dedication of spirit to something, a concept, cause, or form of Beingness, that is in some way larger than oneself. In the natal chart Vesta represents the connection between the physical and the divine, describing what we label ‘sacred’, and so tells us a great deal about how we see the Universe, and how we envision our role within it.

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