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The Vinland Map, purportedly a 15th century copy of a 13th century original of the known world, is believed by most scholars to be a 20th century fake. Black ink on animal skin parchment {{PD}}


The 24th sees Merc enter Gemini. Finally our thinking has a chance to synch up with where our attention is going (the Sun). That’s a relief!

By about 2 AM PDT the Moon has moseyed to the midpoint of Mars/ Vesta–and that gives us an excellent vantage point for choosing what actions to take, as what we plan is likely to be in line with our highest values and priorities (and if you find yourself surprised by what you choose, a review of real priorities might be in order, as it’s much easier to get from A to B when we know where we are–nobody’s ever found their goal by following the road that leads from where they think they are to where they want to go!)

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