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Mucha’s ‘Seated Woman with Coffee Cup’ is all golden-y and Venus-like, don’t you think? pre-1939 {{PD-Art}}

So sorry, I’ve been MIA getting the new ECLIPSE together: this week an article on finding traits brought from past lives in the horoscope; Venus’ Direction and a Little on Uranus/ Pluto’s perfection, both coming up later this month; plus the Weekly Aspect and Lunar Forecast, and the New Moon! Subscribe and get it fresh in your email, at around 6:30 PM Pacific time tonight, the 14th, and every Thursday.

Here’s a peek, from ‘The Direction of Venus’:

Venus goes direct on 27 June at 8:06:49 AM Pacific time at 7 Gemini 29. Is all this down-to-the-second precision necessary? Not always, but this time she’ll be catching up with the Sun by semi-sextile less than 24 hours after her direction (and of course quincunxing the Earth), and is within  aspect of Pallas/ Uranus (sextile), a sesquiquadrate of Saturn, a square to Chiron, and a quincunx to Pluto, which is less than one degree from exact conjunct Earth. That’s not even counting aspects at more than 2.5 degrees, because we don’t get all sloppy and invite everybody to the party, do we? Of course not; we only want those who will be intimately bound up with (or at least fencing with) our goddess of Love. How else would we know what she’ll have her eye on?

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