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The hat Venus wears here is the kind of taste mistake we could make during the retro period. ‘Cupid Complaining to Venus’ by Cranach the Elder {{PD-Art}}

Here’s a little of what I said in ECLIPSE about today’s retrograde of Venus (at 7:32 AM PDT at 23 Gemini 59):

Any Venus area where we have met a dead end while she’s direct is an area prime for rejuvenation during retrograde.

This means that the changed tastes and willingness to try the new and unusual in Venusian pursuits that typically surfaces during this time can be a means to re-generate a part of life that we have worn into a rut with too narrow a viewpoint, taste palette, or definition of what’s ‘right’ or appropriate for us. ‘New’ can definitely be the keyword that frees up an area and an approach leading to new relationships, experiences, and an enhanced aesthetic sense that lasts and benefits us long past Venus’ direction. The retro period can serve to modify our Venusian standards and perceptions so that they are wider and at the same time more refined once the planet appears to move forward again.

What do you make of the impending Facebook IPO during the retrograde period of the planet symbolizing, among other things, relationships and cash? I haven’t studied any charts related to FB, including Zuckerberg’s, but do feel that the stock is immensely overvalued, and that it may plunge drastically within months of the initial offering. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 (then again, if I’m wrong, you can take yourself to lunch on your earnings!)

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