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‘Woman Walking in the Snow’ Utagawa mid-19th century {{PD-Art}}

The 16th sees Venus square Chiron. This could consume us with relationship hurts, real or imagined (Pisces) or just thought about (Gemini), with the contemplation itself causing guilt and upset. We will be touchy, and so will others, and we must make a special effort not to interact or spend out of long-held hurt–by this time we all should know, that won’t cure it.

And on the 17th:

8:30 AM PDT conjunction of the Moon to the South Node makes for some nostalgic talk and those who take a walk down memory lane may ‘remember’ what’s complete fantasy, thanks to Mercury/ Neptune. Contact to the South Node is also a point when we may fall back into old habits or find the past preferable to the present–don’t let this be you!

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