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The Fountains of the Philadelphia Art Museum, September 1973, by photographer Dick Swanson. Shortly after this, Rocky Balboa ran up these steps to the right, then me, as I warmed up for a race on the Schuylkill River that runs just behind the museum. EPA {{PD}}

From this week’s ECLIPSE for today:

Communications will have the ring of fate about them, and that may make for some anxiousness, as fear that we will not be able to control circumstances comes forward. Rest assured, we will NOT be able to control the future–so anxiety is just a distraction from the real target, which will probably involve a need to ‘get right’ with our environment, with a maternal figure, and/ or with authorities. Watch what you say to those latter two, as what is communicated WILL affect your future! So see, we have some control, after all 🙂

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