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Windswept by Waterhouse {{PD-Art}}

From the current ECLIPSE, on the New Moon in Gemini:

The New Moon arrives at 8:02 AM PDT of the 19th of June at 28 Gemini 43. The New Moon makes no aspects at all, unless we count a semi-sextile from Ceres, and we do; we need something that tells us what this is about. We must also consider the Sabian Symbol for this NM: ‘The First Mockingbird of Spring’ What these two tell us is that this is all about our ‘conversation’ (Gemini) with nature; and by that I mean, the way in which each of us relates to and is a part of the natural order. This New Moon promises a birth, a ‘new’ role for each of us in relation to the natural world; what role will it be for you?

To see the rest of the discussion, including how which House the NM falls in will affect you, and what the NM means within the context of the other aspects in play at this time, get ECLIPSE!